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Provable is a service offering a set of tools and APIs aiming to enhance the power of smart contracts. By providing access to both on-chain and off-chain data, Provable allows to find an answer to any query your contract may have.
Provable is here to move the smart contracts limitations a step forward by enabling them to directly access all the huge knowledge the Internet can provide. Given the potentials of decentralised applications Provable aims to be the assistent connecting the perfectly trustless platforms on which they are running to the Web. Putting all this data into the jar means creating a new great value.
You can get the data you need from any public API on the Internet. Other than this we are giving you a simpler access to some data sources like Wolfram, the Bitcoin Blockchain Insight explorer and much more. To know more about the supported data sources click here.

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Click here to read our documentation, if you have questions about something which is not covered there feel free to get in touch with us!